PSM putting on sensors


Neurofeedback is the process of restoring brain health by retraining the brain’s electrical activity to match healthy brain wave patterns.  Neurofeeback can provide permanent relief from many cognitive, emotional, personality and mood dysfunctions.  Neurofeedback is safe and results can be measured…  Read more > 


Psychological Services

New Hope For The Brain offers a variety of psychological services.


Psychological Screening and Assessment are needed to identify strengths which the client can use to address their problems.  These problems may involve cognitive, emotional, personality, mood or functioning factors… Read more > 



Both Drs. Montgomery and Lippmann have extensive experience in working with private companies, agencies, non-profit organizations and educational institutions in a variety of ways such as using brain wave information to determine vocational interests, assessing stress, supporting human resource staff by identifying addictive brain disorders and healthy brain functioning…. Read more >