PSM putting on sensors

Neurofeedback Assessment and Training

Neurofeedback is the process of restoring brain health by retraining the brain’s electrical activity to match healthy brain wave patterns.  Neurofeeback can provide permanent relief from many cognitive, emotional, personality and mood dysfunctions.  Neurofeedback is safe and results can be measured…  Read more > 



Psychological Support

Injuries to the brain not only disrupt the life of the person experiencing them, they have a devastating impact on the family and loved ones. Once immediate medical problems are dealt with, longer-term issues must be faced. In this process the life of everyone involved is affected. Issues that must be addressed include:

  • coping with all the changes
  • dealing with the confusion of not knowing where to turn for help
  • what to do next
  • where to find needed resources

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Education and Consultation

Dr. Penny Montegomery and Dr. Glenda Lippmann are co-owners of New Hope for the Brain. Both Drs. Montgomery and Lippmann have extensive experience in conducting seminars, workshops and in-service training to physicians, individuals, agencies, non-profit organizations, educational institutions and private companies. They have provided brain wave information for a variety of purposes, such as verifying diagnoses, assessing stress and determining healthy brain functioning. They have also provided brain wave information to determine the effects of products and procedures on brain function… Read more >