Dr. Montgomery,

Thank you for giving me back my brain.  The words do not do justice to how I feel.  I can now retrieve information that has been lost for years.

I can see the pictures in my mind when I read descriptive passages rather than just read the words.

And my sensitivity to light has drastically diminished!

This was a GREAT investment in me.  Thank you so much for being there.

Judith MEnglewood, CO

After being rear-ended in my car, I learned that I had incurred a Traumatic Brain Injury. My symptoms included fuzzy brain, extreme fatigue, easy over-stimulation, slow thinking, and eyes that did not focus together. This resulted in being let go from my job for making errors.  I began my healing with lots of rest and various forms of cognitive and visual therapy. After 5 months, things were gradually improving as my energy began to return. The primary problem that continued was easy tiring and the inability to read more than 3 pages at a time without headaches.

Then I met Dr. Penny and Dr. Glenda at New Hope for the Brain.  At my (comprehensive brain) evaluation, scans clearly showed the exact point of the injury in my brain and the nerves involved. A few days after my first neurofeedback session, I happily noticed that I was actually able to read 20 pages again without tiring or headaches. I have continued my neurofeedback sessions, and am seeing and feeling better all the time.

My ophthalmologist has been able to document the improvement in my vision. I am deeply grateful to these women for sharing their knowledge and depth of experience with this fascinating, effective technology. I recommend them to anyone!

Susan G.Lakewood, CO

Drs. Montgomery and Lippmann:

Thank you for brilliantly reminding me that my body – given accurate information, love, and support – is eager and capable of renewing itself.

Not only am I enjoying renewed physical energy and vigor, but clarity and balance in my overall experience of well-being.

With appreciation,

Grady Claire P.Pasadena, TX

I am a TBI survivor. As a result of only a few Neurofeedback sessions, I have seen improvements in the following areas:

  •  greater mental clarity
  •  improved listening and retention skills
  •  ability to clearly articulate my thoughts
  •  less brain fatigue
  •  improved confidence when speaking in small groups or to a large audience.

Thank you for your amazing support.

Beth K.Denver, CO