Overview of Services Offered

Attachment-1WHO WE SERVE

  • Athletes, Executives, Performers, Speakers and Others seeking Peak Performance
  • Athletes with Sport Injuries
  • Veterans with Combat-Related Injuries
  • Individuals with Head Injuries from:
    • Assault
    • Falls
    • Accidents
  • Individuals with Memory Loss attributed to:
    • Aging
    • Stress
    • Concussions
  • and Those Experiencing:
    • Depression
    • Anxiety
    • Trauma


EEG Brain Mapping

Quantitative EEG or qEEG Brain Mapping provides information about the brain’s ability to function effectively. It is a procedure that records the brain’s electrical activity from 19 sites on the surface of the brain and serves as a basis for identifying variations in brain function. It is a non-invasive, FDA-approved, evidence-based diagnostic tool that measures the speed and processing efficiency of neuronal brain function by determining to what extent the individual’s brainwave patterns differ from normal.

To record the qEEG, one wears a cap that contains sensors over each of the 19 sites. Sensors are filled with a conductive jell to connect the scalp with the sensor. Brain waves are digitally recorded and analyzed on a computer.  Below are two types of analysis that we obtain from the brain wave recordings.

brain scans
These images reveal graphically where the abnormality is in the brain and what frequencies are either deficient or excessive.  With this information, we are able to precisely target the area and training protocol required to restore more normal function.

Brain Wave – A multi-site comprehensive EEG recording of your brain is conducted by Dr. Montgomery to determine the cause and location of brain changes that are causing your symptoms. Two hours are usually required with a second appointment scheduled (at no added charge) to review the findings and recommendations.

Psychological – Dr. Lippmann screens for mental, emotional and behavioral health issues. Identifying the client’s strengths as well as their mental health needs is part of the coordinated services  offered at New Hope For The Brain.


Brain Wave – Based on the findings by Dr. Montgomery’s three-step protocol is established to restore your brain’s optimal functioning. Goals for improved function are accomplished through training sessions where your brain waves are displayed on a computer screen and your brain uses this information to alter its functioning. Improvements are permanent unless further injuries occur.


New Hope For The Brain focuses on recovery in both one’s body and mind. Depending on the problem, a variety of approaches are used including Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Trauma Recovery, Loss and Grief Counseling.


Both Drs. Montgomery and Lippmann have extensive experience in working with private companies, agencies, non-profit organizations and educational institutions.  Brain wave information is used to determine vocational interests, assess stress and support human resources staff by identifying the presence or absence of healthy brain functioning. Brain wave evaluations have proven to be invaluable to doctors and therapists with difficult cases. Determination of specific disorders can be clarified by identifying underlying brain wave patterns.

Dementia is difficult to diagnose. Physicians use our brain wave technology to distinguish injury-related dementia from other forms of dementia — including Alzheimers. This is important because injury-related dementia may be remediated and, unlike degenerative brain diseases, is not inherited.

New Hope For The Brain relies on Dr. Montgomery’s ten year experience as Director of a Behavioral Pain Management Program to provide an in-depth approach to the management of chronic pain.


Sadly, brain health has been a neglected or missing component in our educational curriculum at all levels of education.  With the widespread increase in sports injuries, Dr. Lippmann and Dr. Montgomery believe it is critical that prevention play a much greater role in our schools.  They are committed to promoting brain health as an essential component of the health curriculum.

This team of seasoned professionals excels at presenting evidence-based information on brain health in an engaging and clear manner. Presentations can be scheduled for educational institutions, private and non-profit organizations, agencies, support groups, community service organizations and private groups. To book a speaking engagement, contact them at 720-999-0609.


The EEG technology used at New Hope For The Brain has been used to document brain changes in response to a variety of techniques and health products. Recent research includes:

  • Evaluating the effectiveness of digital pulsed electromagnetic therapy on brain function.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of analog pulsed electromagnetic therapy on brain function.
  • Documenting brain wave correlates of a trauma-based therapy known as Brainspotting.
  • Determining brain wave response to a product that enhances cellular efficiency using  redox messenger molecules.

New Hope For The Brain has participated in a nationwide research project to investigate the role of multiple concussions on brain function in National Football League retired players.

Currently, we are exploring the benefits of a natural supplement called Synaptamine. This product is a precursor to dopamine in the brain and research has shown that it reduces the desire to carry out addictive behaviors