neurofeedbackNeurofeedback is the process of restoring brain health by retraining the brain’s electrical activity to match healthy brain wave patterns.  Neurofeeback can provide permanent relief from many cognitive, emotional, personality and mood dysfunctions.  Neurofeedback  is safe and results can be measured.


The healthy brain has a frequency range of excess 200+ cycles per second (Hz). When the brain experiences a change due to injury, illness or an inherited condition, it moves into a self-protective mode by reducing the frequency range over which it functions. Functioning at this maladaptive reduced level of activity becomes habitual and the brain requires special attention to interrupt this habit and restore a more normal range of function.

Neurofeedback is the only process known that provides the brain with the  information and guidance it needs to restore better function.  It’s important to  understand that Neurofeedback is training.  It is not treatment and should be  considered an educational experience, not a therapy.

Not all EEG machines display the actual brain waves on a computer screen. Using our equipment, brain waves and their patterns are seen on the computer screen in less than a millisecond after they occur in the brain.  The amazing speed of this  feedback results in more rapid learning for the individual involved.


Over the course of more than 45 years of neurofeedback experience, she had become aware of the tendency of the challenged brain to habitually perform in a narrow range of slow frequencies. This habit is called “homeorhesis” and is the opposite of homeostasis.

The initial challenge when using neurofeedback to improve brain function has been to interrupt homeorhesis and allow the brain to re-boot. This phase of the normalization process usually required many neurofeedback sessions and extended the time required to reach goals. The new three step process significantly shortened the time required.

Dr. Montgomery’s individualized neurofeedback protocols are based on a comprehensive brain wave evaluation and include our unique three-step training process. Each step utilizes technology designed for its specific purpose.

STEP ONE: Interrupting homeorhesis

The HPN (High Performance Neurofeedback) machine is specially designed to free the brain from its “stuck” mode of functioning.  Once accomplished, the brain is ready to learn to return to optimal functioning using a wider and much improved range of activity.

STEP TWO: Normalizing brain waves

The Neuropathways EEG machine is used to normalize brainwaves by recording and displaying the actual brainwaves on a screen for observation by the brain producing them. This allows the brain to “see itself” in real time and see instant changes. The brain is easily able to use this feedback to correct its function. This is conscious physiological training where information comes into the brain through the eyes and an audio signal sounds when the brain moves toward the goal.

STEP THREE: Stabilizing normalized brainwaves

Our third machine is called NeurOptimal and its function is to stabilize the normalized brainwave activity. Training on this machine occurs without conscious effort. As a result, the client may simply relax while listening to music in which the brain is receiving embedded information about the stable nature of its activity.

All of these machines provide a very pleasant experience and does not require skill on the part of the client. The combination of these machines cause the learning process to be accelerated and the goals reached much faster than indicated in the Neurofeedback literature.