Educational Services

CIMG3337New Hope For The Brain has a strong interest in promoting brain health as an essential component of the health curriculum of all levels of education.

The face of neurology has changed dramatically in the past 10 years. It is now known that we get new brain cells everyday and that those new cells enable our brains to heal as never before  thought possible.  We now have more information about the use of helmets, the long term effects of concussion and what we can do to help our brains live a long and healthy life.  We know that a brain “tune-up” can result in peak performance, both physically (as in sports and performing arts) and mentally, as in prolonging memory and mental clarity.  We have a great interest in providing information  that not only extends life, but improves the quality of it.

Drs. Montgomery and Lippmann are seasoned professionals who excel at presenting evidence-based information on brain health in an engaging and clear manner. To book a speaking engagement, contact them at (720) 999-0609.


Increased interest in understanding the information contained in brain waves has led to requests to be taught to recognize patterns found there.” In 2007, Dr. Montgomery co-authored the book, Whispers From The Brain with Dr. Margaret Ayers. This classic work illustrated 20 distinct patterns found in raw brain waves that correlated with specific diagnostic conditions. Since then, the book was available, additional patterns have been identified and requests for copies has increased. At present, we are updating this work to include the new patterns. The updated and expanded work by Dr. Montgomery and Dr. Lippmann is entitled, Decoding the Language of the Brain, an Illustrated Guide to the Morphology of Brain Waves. This book is to be used as the basis of training modules being developed to familiarize learners with the rich information found in the raw EEG.