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Recent research has emphasized the critical importance of brain/heart and brain/gut relationships in overall brain function. Because of this we are now utilizing new technology from Russia designed by scientists to evaluate the status of internal organs, including the heart and the gut.

A scan of these organs reveals detailed information about their health and function. A written report is given to the client as part of the comprehensive evaluation done in our office. While we do not diagnose any health problems, we encourage clients to share findings from these scans with their health care providers.


Have you been concerned about the possibility of a sports-related head injury? Did you know you can store a record of a brain’s functioning before participating in any sport’s activity?

In the event of a sports-related brain injury (concussion), this stored information can point to brain changes caused by the injury.  This information is important because it will:
1) identify exactly where in the brain the changes have occurred
2) allow for specific remediation to the affected area
3) document the brain changes due to the specific incident

As a parent, you can be proactive by ensuring that your child’s pre-sport’s brain wave evaluation is safely stored and available should you need it.  Contact Dr. Montgomery or Dr. Lippman for more information.


Recent public information has revealed that many retired football players suffer from a condition called CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy).  This condition is due to cumulative brain injuries from multiple concussions and causes memory loss, problems with planning and organizing, hypersensitivity, irritability and aggression, confusion, and headaches.

Former NFL players who have been diagnosed with this condition have suffered devastating symptoms leading to their suicide by methods that would not further damage their brains.  To date, over 16 former NFL players have committed suicide and left notes requesting their brains be examined for concussion-related changes.  Documented damage to their brains from multiple concussion is no longer deniable.

The NFL has only recently admitted the effects of repeated concussions on players.  New Hope For The Brain was asked to participate in this ground-breaking research.


Bring your curiosity, questions and experience to the BRAIN SALON.

What?   An informal educational opportunity to learn more about your brain.

When?  The second Tuesday of each month from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m.

Where?  The office of New Hope For The Brain at 12265 West Bayaud Ave., Suite 235 Lakewood, CO 80228

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